Public Service Annoucement

As a species we tend to have a bad habit of living day by day. Problems that are not apparent, are in no apparent need of a solution. A destructive mentality, that will lead to many problems. I am one person, as are you. However, we together are the key. I strongly believe awareness is the first step in protecting our planets valuable assets.

This year wheat prices have raised to record highs. Droughts and diseases cut production to a 35 year low. This is happening throughout the environment, bananas and coffee are also falling victim to circumstance. This spawns the question what can we do?

Here is what some people have done.

The United nations have implemented the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources which is dedicated to collection seeds from as many plants around the world as possible.

You can read about it here:

Another effort that is underway is The Science Barge, an urban barge that is docked in New York City. The following video explains this sustainable commodity.

There are several initiatives throughout the world. It is extremely important now, and only becoming more so for the future.

It is vital to participate in helping secure our place in the future. Where would all the foodies be with no food to savor?


Anonymous said...

u so sm-rt.. i like foodies.

R.E.L said...

I like smarties...but not as much as mini eggs

Ana said...

very clever...i prefer the cream eggs but everyone seems to hate them. More for me i guess.

The Omnivores Dilemma:A Natural History of Four Meals

Elements of taste,
inheritance of memories,
subjective thoughts and
provoking flavors.

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