Deep Fried Crack.

Deep Fried = Love.

Seriously though, you can really show someone you love them by hooking them up with some real good deep-fried-love. Welcome to the most romantic place in the world Kennedy Fried Chicken.

Forget about all those big name chain restaurants, hit up one you probably never heard of or if you have probably didn't even know was a chain.

Kennedy Fried Chicken is perfect for when that Chicken Craving comes up behind you and gags you with hunger.

If you know me, you know that I love all sorts of food. Wings definitely have a soft spot in my stomach though(in a good way).

You know your wings are official when they are so crispy that you don't know if you are eating the bone or the skin.

I'd eat it: when I was drunk.

P.S I saw the colonial tied up in the bath room

Kennedy Fried
536 E 14th St,
New York 10009
Btwn Ave A & Ave B Chicken


s. said...

hahaha....colonial tied up. Do they even have Kentucky out there in that neck of the woods.
What about Popeyes?

R.E.L said...

they got it all n then some

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inheritance of memories,
subjective thoughts and
provoking flavors.

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